First time visitors to Las Vegas are often amazed at the amazing amounts of activities that they can do. One of the first things they will accomplishes wait until the sun sets and go down the Las Vegas strip. The architecture that is there is mesmerizing, especially when the lights are all on. You really can’t find a more unique city in the world, but there are also tours that you can go on that may not keep you within the city limits. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you decide to travel to Las Vegas this year which is going to be a fun filled vacation.

Out Of City Excursions

Less than an hour outside of the town, you can travel to the Red Rock Canyon National Park. This is a place where you will see incredible structures. What is unique about this area, like many that you will see in Utah and in Arizona, is that the color of the rocks is actually read. This could be from heavy amounts of iron that are oxidizing, or it could be for a completely different reason. It’s just a beautiful place to go, and if you haven’t been there before, you should see this Canyon, and also consider taking a flight over Hoover Dam, and also the Grand Canyon.

Tours That You Can Go On

The tours that you can go on will include going into places like the Titanic exhibit where you can learn about this very famous and fatal events in American history. You can also rent some time in a private pink Cadillac to get a full tour of the Las Vegas area. You may also want to consider driving a limo around which is relatively inexpensive. You can see the entire city, day or night, from the confines of a limo which will make you feel very special. All of these things are available to tourists that visit Las Vegas, one of the best cities you will ever stay in.