High Time to Awake

Earthquake, Canterbury, NZ. Photo credit: Martin Luff What shall be the sign of thy coming? Earthquakes or the Antichrist? Matthew 24 Many Bible teachers say that there will be earthquakes and wars before Jesus Christ returns for his Church. They say that these signs are the beginning of sorrows mentioned in Matthew 24:8. Well hold […]

Renting or Buying Apartment Las Vegas.


When you decide to either buy or rent luxury apartments Las Vegas there are certain factors you should consider so as to be sure that you are saving as much money as possible. Here are some tips on how to save some money when renting or buying an apartment Las Vegas.

Save In Advance.
You should start saving for the new place at least three months before your move. This will ensure that once you get the chance to look for a good apartment, you will be able to pay for it. You should have enough for the estimated price and extra for fees that may come about such as realtor fees